Pretty Makeup

Camera apps have revolutionized the way we capture and express moments. In the age of digital storytelling, these apps go beyond simple snapshots, offering an array of tools to enhance, beautify, and personalize our photos. With features like filters, effects, and manual controls, camera apps turn ordinary images into creative masterpieces. One such app that helps you in this aspect is Pretty Makeup - Beauty Camera.


What is Pretty Makeup?

Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera, is an innovative app that not only beautifies your photos but also provides you with an array of makeup effects that add a touch of glamour to your snapshots. Whether you're at a social gathering, a special event, or simply feeling creative, this app lets you snap candy-filtered selfies and enhance them with a professional touch.

Features of Pretty Makeup


The app claims intelligent recognition technology that nicely integrates with your features, enhancing your natural beauty with precision. This ensures that your makeup looks perfectly fitting and your photos radiate reality.

Real-Time Beautifying Effects

Say goodbye to post-editing hassles! Pretty Makeup's real-time beautifying effects and filters guarantee that you look perfect in every shot. Moreover, its unique motion stickers add an adorable and cool touch to your images.

One-Tap Beauty

The app simplifies the beauty process with its one-tap automatic beautification feature. This function refines your pictures, creating a natural and realistic charm that shines through.

Hair Styling and Colours

Embrace the latest hair dye trends or experiment with different hairstyles – the app lets you play with various styles and colours. You can transform your hair's look and type effortlessly.

Complete Makeup Store

From foundation to lip colour, from eyeshadow to blush, Pretty Makeup leaves no stone unturned in your makeup journey. Customize hundreds of eyebrows, eyeshadow shades, eyelashes, and more to achieve your desired look.

Fashion Accessories

Elevate your selfies with trendy eyewear, hats, necklaces, and earrings. These stylish additions instantly boost your coolness factor and add a unique touch to your photos.

Snappy Camera Motion Stickers

Dive into a world of dynamic motion stickers, featuring playful options like animals and stars. These stickers come alive on your face, giving your photos an animated and fun twist.

Pretty Makeup

Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera is not just an app; it's your gateway to unleashing your inner artist. With its vast array of tools and effects, you can effortlessly create captivating selfies that capture the essence of the moment.

As you complete your masterpiece, feel free to share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let the world witness your transformation and creativity. Whether you're looking for a touch of elegance, a burst of playfulness, or a hint of drama, Pretty Makeup empowers you to curate your personal style.

There are few popular alternatives to pretty makeup camera app like B612, YouCam perfect etc. B612 apk offers large number makeup filters, stickers for selfies.



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